A 45-Minute Webinar Giving You The Principles You Need To Cut Through The Noise And Stand Out In Your Industry

5 Ways To Grow Your Business

With Clear Marketing

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The world seems to get noisier every day. If our marketing efforts just add more noise, they will get tuned out with the rest.

Using the power of story, it is possible to connect with people in a fresh way using tools used by communicators for over two thousand years.

In this webinar, we will learn about the 5 essentials of story-based marketing.

Jon will draw from material based on Donald Miller’s 2017 book "Building A Storybrand". It instantly skyrocketed to become a New York Times Bestseller and is now a staple on the “Must Read” list of every business leader.

Here's What You'll Learn In 45 Minutes



What should you put on your website that would be "StoryBrand approved"? Websites are critical to your marketing. Too many people love Storybrand but fail to apply the principles to their website.


You will learn to talk about your business in a way that people can't help but become interested and want to work with you.


The Internet is full of new fads and ideas. We will encourage you to commit to tools for your budget that will help you collect leads, build trust, and grow your business.

About Your Session Host

Jon Morrison founded Get Clear Consulting because he is passionate about helping small businesses use the best marketing tools to increase their revenue.

Jon is a certified StoryBrand Guide. Using this marketing framework, a proven strategy which is helping thousands of companies multiply their revenue, he helps companies clarify their message, reach their ideal clients and grow their business.

Jon adds expertise as a best-selling author and storyteller. He has delivered talks all over North America. He is married to Hayley and they have two daughters, Abigail and Grace.

To learn more, you can visit: www.getclear.ca

Jon Morrison, Get Clear Consulting

I have been working with marketing companies for thirty years and I have never seen anything like this.

I always knew that storytelling was powerful but I never realized that the power was in helping your customer tell their story. Storybrand has forever changed the way I talk about my company.

- George Martin, CEO Well-Balanced Designs

In under an hour Jon opened my eyes to several marketing ideas
that I I can start changing and implementing in my business right away. Excited to work with Jon to take it even further. Definitely worth the time.

- Adam Wormald, CEO Cassiar Film Co.

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